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Kate Smith

Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. Financial Coach.

​I am married with 4 children; 2 step children and 2 full-time nephews. 3 boys, one girl from age 6 to 17. We have 2 dogs, Hannah a 16yo Beagle and Mack a 8yo Chesapeake Bay Retriever. When I am not at work we are playing sports like soccer, football and golf, camping/fishing from our boat or sitting around the table playing card and board games. More personally, I am competitive and enjoy competing in sports. I grew up playing competitive soccer, the older I get the less and less I play. I have moved on to Tennis and Golf. I really enjoy the outdoors (the quiet). 

Professionally I have been in the financial services industry for over 18 years. I specialize in personal financial planning which includes insurance planning and investment planning and management. I started working in this business answering phones and opening the mail. I was very lucky to have a mentor who saw much more in me and encouraged me to fine tune my skills. I worked very hard to move up through the business so I could now own my own private firm. I know this business inside and out and have worked in every position. I know what it takes to get results at all levels and I am happy to share my experience and expertise with you.

As an entrepreneur I like to create and run my own businesses. It is important that I have the opportunity to make decisions that best serve my clients needs. I have two financial services businesses, Capital Financial and Boise Risk Management (Insurance Brokerage) that work singularly and in tandem to best suit the financial needs of my clients. They are designed to provide the best, most efficient and effective services and products as possible. These products and services have been hand picked in a way that allows me to be free of proprietary pressure so I can truly act as your fiduciary. I have also helped my husband start his own excavation company. 

I like to consider myself a Financial Coach or Financial Advocate. As an advocate and coach I understand that I cannot singularly supply you with or execute a complete financial plan. We are a team, you and your family, your CPA, your attorney ect. No one person can provide all of the advice or execute all of the tasks necessary to reach your personal financial dream. We must all work as a team, I can provide the leadership. The financial services industry has a bad reputation when it comes to belittling each other and claiming that our way is the only way to success. I surround myself with people who have specialized knowledge that can help me provide the best for my clients. 


Below are personally vetted, dedicated professionals that I rely on to help me and my clients succeed in their financial dreams. If you are in need of additional professional advice please check out some of my favorites below.


BlueBack Accounting

XXXXXXXXXXXXX, Estate Planning Attorney


Any CPA at Silver Bridge CPAs

Sheli Fulcher Koontz,

Family - Personal Injury Law

Fulcher Koontz Law

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