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Capital Financial Boise, Inc.

Investing in the life you love

We are here because we care about your happiness. One thing we all will have to manage is money. Managing money can be super confusing and stressful. We believe utilizing your resources as efficiently and effectively as possible will allow you to love more and worry less. We don't want you to worry so much about money, or maybe getting your partner on the same page you are, we want you to focus on living the life you love.

We believe this experience should be as stress free as possible and if you don't like working with us then you need to find someone you do like working with.

We help you think through what money means to you and how you would like to use it to sustain or help you build the life you dream of. We help you go through your finances and design an action plan that allows you to live your best life. We help you employ your money more efficiently and effectively through better spending habits, investment selection, and protection programs that suit your lifestyle.


We believe it is important to direct each and every dollar where to go, not looking back trying to figure out where it all went.

What can I expect? What does this process look like?

It starts with a simple conversation. We've been in this business for over 18 years and we really want to know and like the people we work with. If we aren't on a the same page, or if you just don't feel 100% comfortable, or if there is no possibility of trust why force it? Trust goes both ways, we need you to trust us and our advice so you get the results you are looking for. Next, we need to trust you in that you feel comfortable enough to give us honest information and take the actions necessary to achieve the ideal financial support system that will sustain your dream life.


After we have done some relationship building and gone through the discovery process we develop a personal plan of action. Steps to take right now and steps to take into the future. Employing a written plan provides clarity and control over your finances.


Committing to the plan establishes a set of criteria and guidelines to enhance your ability to win on a daily basis. Execution is vital to success and living the life you want, financially speaking, you will make small habit changes in how you choose employ your resources everyday. 

Lastly, we monitor and review your plan. Are we staying focused on our goals? Are the goals we set still valid? Do we need to add or change goals?

We believe you need to build successful financial habits as soon as you can. When you start to move through life's various transition points you are already set up to take small pivots rather than ditching the plan and starting all over. Being financially successful is an ongoing process, throughout your entire life.

We LOVE helping those who don't have a plan...

Navigating the financial services world is confusing and convoluted; we've bet you have heard the gamut of one liners whether it be from your best friend, or your uncle, or your mom's tennis partner... You have to buy this... Everyone needs to get this... No, you really don't have to do that... If you don't do this you're stupid! I get it, let's just focus on taking the first steps, let's see if we'll enjoy working together and then we can get into the nitty gritty and get the ball rolling. There are a ton of questions to ask and a lot of information to go over so let's take it slow. We are here to listen and help, not compete to be the world's #1 financial guru.

We LOVE helping small business owners...

It can he hard enough to keep track of the day-to-day of managing a business but what can you do to provide benefits to your employees? Or what would be the best way to set aside some extra funds outside of the value of your business? Or how do you start the transition from business owner to a retirement lifestyle? There are so many opportunities for small businesses and we would love to help you by providing an outside perspective while allocating resources to best fit the needs of you (as an individual outside of "business owner"), your business and your employees. 

We LOVE working with young couples and new families...

Your life is rapidly changing, don't wait to start coordinating savings for your new baby, education, a safety net for your spouse if something were to happen to you, emergency savings, saving for a home down payment, or starting to save for retirement. We can help you focus on one thing at a time and provide the protection you need to your family so they are not derailed by your loss. There is a lot to consider now you have a growing family, let's make sure your finances reflect ALL of your life's goals.

We LOVE helping people prepare for, transition to and maintain a retirement living...

We want to help you sustain a life you have worked so hard for before retirement. It can be scary to lose the security of a consistent paycheck. We can ease you into retirement and help you make the most of your retirement by coordinating assets, utilizing benefits programs and taking advantage of a tax efficient income stream. It's about enjoying the ride, not worrying about how you are going to fund it.

We LOVE helping people who want to leave a financial legacy...

Whether you want to leave assets to your family, protect assets for an incapacitated family member or gift a local charity we can help. Gifts can be great but when tax burdens lessen the impact you intended it can be terribly disappointing. There are many ways to protect and give. Knowing the best way can make an even bigger difference than the donation itself. We can help you choose the best way to allocate your financial assets to leave the legacy you intended.

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